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The latest Sky Glass update bumps up picture quality

Your eyes don't deceive you

Sky Stream interface on Sky Glass TV

When it comes to hooking a new TV to your wall, there’s not much you can do to improve picture quality, right? Not so much anymore. With such advanced image processing going on inside the latest goggleboxes, telly-makers can push out software updates to tweak the picture you see. And Sky is the latest to do so, with its newest Sky Glass update.

In an update currently rolling out to all Sky Glass customers, Sky is bumping up the picture quality on the all-in-one telly. You can expect to see improvements in contrast, as well as more accurate brightness and colours. Those who pay close attention should notice this most in blacks, thanks to local dimming area improvements. It’s some rather clever tech on the inside, which essentially dims the backlight to produce blacks on the screen.

Alongside the picture quality improvements, the update also brings a new Vivid Mode. This new picture mode cranks contrast and saturation up high for a more vivid image on screen. You’ll also find that the ITV Hub app has been replaced with the newer ITVX platform instead.

In our review, Sky Glass scored four stars out of five. An admirable score by any means, but we noted that you can find better picture quality elsewhere. While it’s yet to be seen how much the latest update improves image quality, it’ll certainly only make the telly better. We’re rather happy that Sky is continuing to improve one of its latest products. Sky reckons all Sky Glass customers should receive the update by 9 December.