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The Moon Voice 22 is a floating, first ever loudspeaker by Simaudio

Lift-off for audiophiles

A Moon Voice 22 speaker on a wooden surface

Canadian hi-fi specialist Simaudio has delighted audiphiles with its wares for many decades, but the company has just written a new page in its 40-plus year history with the launch of the Moon Voice 22 loudspeaker.

It’s the first such product made by the outfit and the long wait may just have been worth it for fans of the brand. Not only does the Moon Voice 22 come with a wealth of high-end audio specs, headlined by its 29mm soft dome tweeter with waveguide and 155mm woofer, but its 80s inspired design comes with some unusual powers.

By this we mean that it has the ability to create the illusion of floating above whatever surface it’s placed on, thanks to its integrated, stainless steel Hover Stand – a feature that has the handy added benefit of protecting against unwanted vibrations and distortion.

Other key design features include the Moon Voice 22’s emphasis on sleek baffles and machined bezels, with the new loudspeaker coming available in two finishes – black or glossy white, both of which comes with matching magnetic grille covers. Each unit measures 20 x 35 x 29cm and weighs 10.5kg.

The announcement of the Moon Voice 22 means that, for the first time ever, you can own a complete Simaudio system. Previously, the company offered nearly a complete set of kit, but you had to look to another manufacturer for your loudspeaker. Now, with the arrival of Moon Voice 22, you can finally go Simaudio all the way and its an especially good sparring partner for the Moon amp.

As fans of the brand will be accustomed to, the Simaudio experience doesn’t always come cheap, with the Moon Voice 22 costing £2,650 in the UK and $3,000 in the US per pair. In addition, you’ll have to pay an extra £495 / $400 for the Hover Stand, which you get with spikes or rubber feet.

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