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Video review – LG Optimus 7

We get hands-on with LG's first Windows Phone 7 device. But is it the best of the WinPho 7 bunch?

It was the victim of a leak ahead of its official launch, we had our first play with it last week and now the Optimus 7 is primed and ready for a video review.

In this new era of similarly designed phones, each one adhering to the strict hardware requirements dictated by Microsoft, being anomalous is especially valuable. So, to ensure its unique edge, it’s packed the new handset with a range of attractive features like voice-to-text functionality, panorama camera mode and a location-based augmented reality app very similar to Layar.

Its design doesn’t quite have carry the wow factor, but it’s these unique features (and the OS, of course) that allow us to forgive this apparent design faux pas.

Want to know more? We’ll tell you all about it.