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We’d do anything for this full-scale replica Portal turret

Valve, just shut up and take our money. Immediately. Like, right now. This instant. Please?

If you’re the owner of a replica Portal gun and homemade Aperture Science furniture then we guarantee you’ll have to hold back a nerdgasm when you see what Valve recently unboxed in its lair – a life-sized replica Portal Turret.

Forged by the special effects maestros over at Weta Workshop, this adorable-yet-deadly turret is true to the original, right down to the melodic voice, red motion sensor and retractable machine gun sections (minus the bullets of course).

We’ve been throwing our wallets at our screens for five minutes straight and nothing’s happened yet, but stay tuned and we’ll let you know how our plan pans out.

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[The Valve Store via Engadget]

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