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WH Smith liberates ebook readers with Kobo Touch

WH Smith and Kobo are on a mission to let you buy your ebooks from anywhere, starting Monday 17 October

The Kobo Touch is all about freedom, man. WH Smith, presumably realising books aren’t making enough money, is pushing the new 6in Kobo ereader, on sale from Monday 17 October.

The key selling point that WH Smith and Kobo are pushing is the Kobo Touch’s ability to let you buy your books from any open book source. This means you get a great price and can share it across all your platforms, be it smartphone, tablet or PC. They’ve also started a book club called Reading Life. Not very rock ‘n’ roll – but it’ll give you recommendations on similar books to that which you’re reading, from others in the club.

The 185g Kobo Touch will be Wi-Fi and SD expansion (up to 32GB) ready, and will retail for £110. Its rather natty quilted-style cover is available  in lilac, black, silver, and blue.

With over 2.2 million titles to choose from on the Kobo Touch, 100 classics pre-loaded and an ability to read comic book files, Amazon had better watch its back.


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