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WiMAX MiFi offers 30Mbps DIY hotspots

WiMAX is big news here in the States. Instead of the 4G also-ran it's shaping up to be in Europe, WiMax is already up and running in 27 cities in the

And if you’re going to hook up to multi-megabit mobile broadband, why not share it around? Novatel has just announced a fully functional WiMAX version of its MiFi instant hotspot machine, capable of gulping down a WiMAX link and dishing it out as full-fat Wi-Fi hotspots to multiple devices.

In tests, the prototype supported peak downlink speeds of over 30Mbps and uplinks at monstrous 10Mbps – fast enough perhaps for Americans to unplug their cable or DSL broadband and even dump the notoriously flaky AT&T iPhone data plan in favour of pure Wi-Fi. No price or availability info quite yet, though.