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TomTom One review

TomTom’s One is ready to go just 20 seconds after switch-on. It has fast route calculation and good, clear directions

TomTom’s One is autobahn fast: just 20 seconds after switch-on, a signal is located, and it asks where you fancy going.

It has a fantastic touchscreen display and great interface, which quickly narrows down your desired destination. The One’s also quick at route calculation, including re-routing due to a missed turn.

Nice voice, shame about the features

The real clincher is the delivery of voice directions. This sat-nav has the best voice we’ve encountered in terms of timbre and clarity, plus it’s used sparingly and timed to perfection.

If you’re into heaps of extras you may be disappointed, as there’s not much in the box – just a cradle, cigarette lighter charger and software for backing up the UK maps. And, because the only maps supplied are for the UK, you’ll have to buy European maps and download traffic data through TomTom Plus.

We’re still smitten, though, and this affordable sat-nav deserves top marks for its speed and friendly delivery.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5

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