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JVC LX-NZ30 is the high frame rate home cinema projector of gamers’ dreams

Bringing super slick 240Hz gaming to your home’s biggest white wall


Ask 100 hardcore gamers what the top item on the wish list for their next TV or projector is, and chances are you’ll hear the same phrase 100 times: high frame rate support.

While most displays merely support inputs of up to 60Hz, HFR displays will go up to four times higher, making even the fastest gaming action look as slick, smooth and judder-free as a series-winning routine on Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s for this reason (and more) that JVC’s new LX-NZ30 home cinema projector holds such promise for uncompromising gamers. It supports 60Hz action at its native 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, but at 1080p Full HD resolution will happily display games at anything up to 240Hz. Not only this, but JVC’s engineers have shaved latency down to an exceptionally brief 6.25ms. The result is an incredibly fast, effortlessly smooth gaming experience that’s able to keep pace with the very latest cutting-edge PC and console hardware – and all on a much, much larger scale than a high-end television or dedicated gaming monitor.


It’s not all about sheer unbridled speed, though: the LX-NZ30’s image quality is beautifully refined too – this is, after all, a home cinema projector and designed as a means for watching movies in theatre-rivalling style. A new high-power BLU-Escent laser source delivers incredible brightness of 3300 lumens, which means you can use the projector in a room with some ambient light – no need to build yourself a fully blacked-out movie den to experience clear and impactful pictures here. The brighter laser also provides a boost to HDR performance, resulting in strikingly realistic images from HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR sources like Blu-ray Discs, TV broadcasts and, yes, video games.

JVC’s commitment to user-friendliness extends beyond the so-bright-you-can-use-it-in-your-standard-window-having-living-room brightness. The LX-NZ30’s flexibility means it can be effective even in more confined spaces, with a lens shift of 60% vertical and 23% horizontal and keystone, corner and even warping correction allowing for versatile placement (such as on a low table, high shelf or ceiling), while the 1.6x zoom enables users to achieve a huge 100in display size from a distance of between 3m and 4.8m. If you’re fortunate enough to have more space to play with, however, the LX-NZ30 will comfortably project a clear and sharp image up to 200in in size.


Connectivity is vitally important on a home cinema projector, and there’s thankfully no shortage of sockets here. Input-wise it comes with two HDMI ports (both with HDCP 2.3 compatibility), a DisplayPort (ideal for connecting gaming PCs) and a USB-C port, while professional installers will appreciate the inclusion of USB-A power supply, trigger mini jack (which can be used to, for example, automatically lower a screen when the projector is turned on) and Ethernet and RS-232C control terminals.

So there you have it: the JVC LX-NZ30 is a dream projector for demanding gamers looking for the smoothest big-screen action around, as well as a great way to give movies and TV shows maximum impact at home. And thanks to its setup flexibility, it will work in all sorts of homes to boot. To find out more, head to JVC’s UK website.

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