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Best upcoming Lego sets 2023: this year’s new Lego releases

Prepare for a block party with these superb Lego sets, due out later this year

Upcoming Lego August 2023

When Lego founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen pivoted his business to plastic bricks, we wonder if he had any idea of the global phenomenon Lego would become. Today, there are many themes, for kids and adult collectors alike. It’s hard to keep track – so we’re doing it for you, with the Stuff guide to the best upcoming Lego sets.

Note: this list covers officially announced Lego sets – not rumours, leaks, nor models the writer ham-fistedly pieced together from a pile of random bricks.

September 2023 Lego sets

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Lego insects

The Ideas line has been responsible for some of the most creative Lego designs. And yet this insect collection is still like nothing else Lego’s ever released, with three gorgeous, life-sized, posable creations atop buildable dioramas. And perhaps owning these models might help more people realise the importance of keeping their non-plastic versions around in the world too.

Consider these

  • Hogwarts Castle and Grounds ($169.99/£149.99• 1660 pieces): This brick-built school for wannabe wizards lacks the grandeur of Lego’s Hogwart’s Castle set, but is less likely to make your wallet have palpitations. With 2660 tiny pieces, you’ll want to yell “Constructio!” and have it magically make itself, mind.
  • Concorde ($199.99/£169.99 • 2083 pieces): An engineering masterpiece becomes a Lego masterpiece, complete with tiltable nose and realistically cramped seating. Probably don’t try swooshing this metre-long model around, though, or you’ll have an aviation disaster on your hands. Or, rather, in pieces on the floor.
  • LEGO Minifigures Marvel Series 2 ($4.99/£3.49each • 10 pieces each): Fed up with your wallet being walloped by expensive Lego sets? Fight back with these budget-friendly Marvel minifigs. Although maybe not the Wolverine one, because he’d just shred the thing with his tiny Adamantium claws.

Recent highlights


Car enthusiasts rejoice – and wallets cower: another large-scale Lego car’s ready to zoom your way. This time, it’s a fancy red 1961 Corvette. As ever, it’s packed full of details, including a detailed engine and working steering. You also get to choose between a hard top or an open top, if you’re the kind of Corvette fan who wants the wind in their face rather than a roof over your bonce.

  • Himeji Castle ($159.99/£139.99 • 2125 pieces): This miniature take on the revered Japanese building beautifully captures the castle’s turrets, walkways and asymmetric walls, along with giving you a bunch of dinky trees to help brighten up the place..
  • Batwing: Batman™ vs. The Joker ($37.99/£31.99 • 357 pieces): For folks who can’t spring for the Shadowbox, a new Burtonmobile’s also around, but we’re keener on this minifig-scale Batwing. Tsk at the lack of a ludicrously large gun for Joker, though.
  • Yamaha MT-10 SP ($239.99/£199.99 • 1478 pieces): This beefy Yamaha bike gets the Technic treatment, which means authentic details, such as a 4-cylinder engine and functional steering. And there’s a stand for when you’re not vrooming it along the desk when no-one’s looking..

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