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Marloe reimagines automatic watches with the Coniston Automatic

It's auto time

Marloe's new Coniston Auto watch sat on a black table

Offering an alternative to big names such as Rolex and Omega, independent British watch brand Marloe, focusing on beautifully engineered watches. And its latest offering is no different, reinventing its own signature design with the Coniston Automatic. It reimagines the popular Coniston watch and switches over to an automatic mechanism inside. The result is a remarkably crafted timepiece to strap on your wrist.

Inside the watch, you’ll find a 8N24 automatic motor for smoother movement of the watch. The 40-hour power reserve uses your movement to keep the watch powered, while a transparent panel at the back allows you to look inside at the internal mechanism powering the watch.

The watch itself sports a 41mm watch face, surrounded by a 20mm strap width. It’s only 11mm deep, too, so it remains stylish without adding too much bulk to your wrist. Sapphire crystal covers the watch face, and the timepiece also boasts Parashock anti-shock – so you should be safe from bumps and scratches.

Looking at the Coniston Auto’s design, you’ll find a deep blue on the dial, accompanied by yellow accents (such as on the second hand) and silver-white trims. Marloe looked to the Bluebird-Proteus CN7 for design inspiration. While this watch probably won’t set the World Speed Record like the car that inspired it, it’ll look just as impressive. Working alongside the Campbell family, you’ll find notes to mechanical instruments throughout the watch’d design.

Marloe’s new Coniston Auto is available in four new designs; the CN7, K4, Trackday, and Black Edition. Each of the designs looks to different inspirations from the Campbell’s racing legacy. There are 12 additional colour options for straps to choose from, letting you put your own spin on the design. Plus, you can even select the serial number for your watch. The Coniston Auto is available to nab directly from Marloe from £329. It’s currently up for pre-order and will start shipping in January.