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Android Go finds its first home in the Nokia 1

Entry-level android just got a whole lot better

Bargain basement Android phones used to be proper duffers, but Nokia and Google are on a mission to make sure that never happens again. The Nokia 1 is an $85 phone with a specially tweaked version of Android Oreo, designed to run like a peach on hardware with a lowly 1GB of RAM. You get the full fat Android experience, only everything doesn’t chug like you’re running it on steam power instead of silicon. Android Go also takes up less storage space, so you have more of the 8GB internal memory to play with for apps and games. Add in a 4.5in screen, 5MP camera and 2150mAh battery that should get you through a whole day of use, and there’s really no excuse for putting up with outdated operating systems or sluggish performance ever again. Oh, and let’s not forget the funky Xpress-On covers, so you can mix and match candy bar colours to match your style. The Nokia 1 will be going on sale in April.