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Sony’s new X-Series speakers promise to grace bass fans with boomier beats

Three new models for portable tunes, on sale in July

Sony has revealed three new speakers in its party range which, despite their conventionally vanilla names, are equipped with enough audio tech to liven up your next gathering.

The largest and most expensive of the new X-Series range is the £259 XG300 (pictured above), which Sony touts as having “club-like bass” in addition to clear highs, thanks to its built-in tweeters and Mega Bass features. 

Used in conjunction with Sony’s Music Centre app, you can use the Live Sound mode to help recreate the wider auditory experience you’d expect to enjoy at a larger gig or club environment, with built-in lights that sync to your tunes thrown in for good measure.

Unlike the XG3000, the new, smaller, pentagon-shaped XE300 (£169) and XE200 (£139) can be used vertically. Both models incorporate Line-Shape Diffuser tech, which is a fancy way of saying that they’re trying to channel the vertical speakers you’d typically find at concerts, focusing on pumping out sound evenly over a further area.

Physical properties aside, all three sets of speakers are packed with Sony’s X-Balanced Speaker Unit, along with Dual Passive Radiators. They’re built to last too, with an IP67 rating for protection from dust and water, while the XE300 and XE200 also benefit from additional shock testing for life’s sporadic bumps and tumbles.

A built-in retractable handle makes for easy transportation across the range, while battery life stats aren’t too shabby either, with 25 hours, 24 hours, and 16 hours slated for the XG300, XE300 and XE200, respectively. There’s also a handy quick charge option which provides up to 70 minutes of use from a nippy 10-minute charge. The two XE models also have a Battery Care feature to help extend their lifespan, in addition to the ability to sense ambient noise to help save battery life when used outdoors.

If your pockets are deep enough then you can theoretically connect up to 100 compatible speakers for some ridiculously loud sound. Feel free to try that out and let us know how it goes after they launch in July.