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Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh in 2022 set to focus on entry-level model

But still expect to loosen the purse strings

Last year’s refresh of the MacBook Pro saw a major design change (that fans either love or hate) and an impressive spec bump that’ll knock everyone’s socks off. With such huge changes happening last year, Apple looks set to focus on a more budget-friendly MacBook Pro this year.

According to Mark Gurman in his latest newsletter, Apple’s next MacBook Pro release will be a refresh to the 14-inch model, with a focus on being lower-end. Gurman holds an 85.5% accuracy rating for his leaks, so it’s fair to take this report with more than a pinch of salt.

Gurman went on to explain the specs he’s expecting in the new device, and it’s definitely on the low end. The new MacBook Pro is slated to come with a non-Mini-LED display without ProMotion, lower storage options, and an M2 chip which will be an awkward middle child between the M1 and M1 Pro/Max.

Now, it’s not surprising the specs aren’t all that impressive, as the device is supposed to be low-end. With lower specs will come a cheaper price, making the new device the perfect entry point to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup.

But could this spell bad news for the MacBook Air? The Air is Apple’s entry-level laptop available, so it’s hard to see where that will fit into Apple’s MacBook range.

It surely won’t keep the M1 chip, as it’ll be no different to the 2020 model. And it can’t have an M1 Pro or Max chip, as it would be too powerful for the Air range.

Perhaps the refreshed MacBook Pro will have a more powerful M2 chip (the M2+ if you will), and the Air will have a less powerful M2 chip (the M2-). Who can say what Apple will do for certain, but something’s not quite adding up at the moment.