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Apple may release refreshed iPhone 14 models with USB-C

Alongside the new iPhone 15 series this September.

Close-up of iPad mini USB-C port

While all Apple attention is on the expected iPhone 15 series set to debut next month in September, the brand might have more to give to the current iPhone 14. Rumours peg a switch to a USB-C charging port as one of the most likely features for the iPhone 15. But new reports reckon Apple might bring this update to older iPhone models as well.

Developer and Apple writer, Aaron, found references to two new iPhone models in the tvOS 17 Beta 5 code. However, the numeric names for these devices indicate that they’re using the current A15 Bionic chipset from the iPhone 14. That suggests there are two iPhone 14 branded devices that haven’t seen the light of day yet. If Apple follows its current cycle, the A16 Bionic will make its way to the lower end iPhone 15 models, with a new A17 chipset in the premium models. So, it’s unlikely the models are part of the new series.

While adding a new feature to old iPhone models sounds strange, Apple’s decision does make sense. The switch to USB-C is in accordance with the EU’s regulation that dictates devices sold from 2024 onwards must feature a USB-C port for charging. Over the past few years, Apple has kept the previous year’s iPhone alongside the new series as a cheaper option. So, updating the iPhone 14 to USB-C would keep it in line with the EU’s rules, while Apple keeps it in the iPhone line-up.

It’s certainly an unprecedented move, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a USB-C iPhone 14 refresh. Don’t expect any other changes, it would just be the new port – much like the colour refreshes. Roll on September and all this year’s new iPhones.

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