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Canon gets serious about 4K with the EOS-1D X Mark II

Lightning-fast continuous shooting should please sport and wildlife pros too

The EOS-1D X Mark II might just be the ultimate digital SLR – it’s Canon’s latest professional-grade camera and the first to take 4K video seriously.

It might not match the 50.6MP 5DS and 5DS R for raw pixel count, but full-frame, 20.2MP sensor and two DIGIC 6+ image processors let it shoot UHD video at a full 60 frames per second.

That’s a big step up over the EOS-1D C, which could only manage 24fps, and also gives it the edge over Nikon’s similarly high-end D5 – that’s limited to 30fps shooting.

All that video processing power helps when it comes to shooting stills, too. The 1D-X Mk II can manage an incredible 14fps with full AF tracking, or 16fps in Live View. Basically, it’s perfect for fast-moving action or snapping skittish wildlife.

Shoot in RAW, and you’ll be able to take an amazing 170 pictures without having to wait to buffer, too.

Canon’s overhauled its 61-point autofocus system, with 41 cross-type points that are tuned for low-light shooting. The highest ISO sensitivity of 51,200 can be expanded up to 409600, which is better than carrot-only diet for seeing the dark.

The bulky shape, fixed LCD display and secondary screen on the top plate are all trademark DSLR, but Canon’s added a few 21st century extras including GPS, Ethernet and USB3 file transfers. You’ll still need the optional adaptor to add Wi-Fi, though.

The EOS-1D X MK II is set to arrive in May, but at £5,200 it’s going to be strictly the domain of professional photographers and filmmakers. That doesn’t mean we don’t really, really want one, though…