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Dreambox 3D printing vending machine on the way

Machine lets you upload designs via the web and texts you when they’re ready to collect

3D printers still command a high price, so clever people are trying to find ways to give the man on the street affordable, easy access to them. And the Dreambox is one such way.

It’s essentially a 3D printing vending machine. Here’s how it works: the user uploads a design via the web, the Dreambox makes it and drops it into a locker. The user then receives a text telling them it’s ready, along with a code to unlock the locker, walks over to the Dreambox and picks up their finished design.

Prices will apparently be cheap (from around US$10), and while it currently supports only bioplastic printing, will be able to craft things from ABS, nylon, wood and even metal in the future. The Dreambox is currently at the prototype stage, but expect to see them appearing in the not-too-distant future.

[Dreambox via Dvice]

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