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Dyson’s V12 Detect Slim is a smaller, cheaper version of the V15 Detect

Dyson's intros another, slightly cheaper model in its excellent Detect range

Dyson V12 Detect

Dyson has brought the V12 Detect Slim to the UK having previously launched it in Japan and elsewhere – it also recently debuted in the US. It’s a smaller version of last year’s V15 Detect and costs a little less – though it’ll still set you back a not-inconsiderable $650/£530.

As with its bigger brother, the laser seems like a gimmick at first but is actually great for hard floors, especially if the lighting isn’t strong – using the V15 Detect over the last year we’ve been impressed at how effective it is.

The beam is positioned at a 1.5 degree angle, 7.3mm off the ground to create the best light contrast between the dust and floor, something Dyson worked on for several years to achieve. The idea was originally born when a Dyson Engineer noticed that airborne particles in their home glistened in the sun.

The key differences are a smaller dirt bin and also a front-mounted power button – there’s no trigger. As with the V15, the V12 includes a piezo sensor so it can detect the size of particles it’s picking up and adjust the suction power accordingly. You can see this information on the screen at the back of the cleaner, the idea being that you can see the cleaner is doing its work effectively.

Dyson V15 Detect (left) vs Dyson V12 Detect

This vac does have the laser fluffy cleaner head includes as well as the all-floors Motorbar cleaner head plus an anti-tangle hair screw which is great if hair is often a problem in your home.

Dyson’s 2022 Global Dust Study recently revealed that ‘44% of people were only motivated to clean when their home was dusty or there was visible dust and dirt on the floor’ – the V12 will certainly help you to see that visible dirt.

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