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Gadget of the Day – Ecologic 6 DAB clock radio

Say 'clock radio' and it generally invokes memories of being rudely awoken by Dizzee Rascal's Brand New Day with a gargantuan hangover. But Roberts ne

The latest in a string of the bedside favourites from the classic radio chaps, it packs in DAB and FM, an input for your MP3 player, 20 presets and a dual alarm so you can set four different times to wake up. Because you will fall asleep again.

Its also billed as extremely energy efficient, which is handy seeing as it’ll be sucking up electricity 24/7 and pumping out the time even when you’re desperately trying to get some kip.

You can grab it now for £79.99. Not cheap, but hey, what price decent digital radio and the chance to be woken up by Bow’s finest?


Roberts ecologic 6

Price: £69.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Roberts