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Gadget of the Day: Garmin Mobile XT

The sat-nav market offers so many choices, sometimes it feels like you need a sat-nav to find your way round it. Luckily, Garmin has come up with a si

Announced last autumn, Mobile XT is now finally available in our fair isles. All the mapping is stored on a 1GB microSD card that just plugs into your smartphone, saving you the hassle of costly over-the-air updates or monthly fees.

Your smartphone will naturally need built-in GPS for it to work, but if you’re not blessed with such a cutting-edge piece of gadgetry there is also a £100 package that bundles a GPS receiver with UK and Ireland maps.

There are some Brucie Bonuses in the form of free online services too, which include traffic and weather updates. It’s all enough to get Route 66, Wayfinder and CoPilot quaking in their sat-nav boots.


Garmin Mobile XT

Price: £60 (UK & Ireland mapping), £90 (UK, Ireland & EU mapping), £100 (UK, Ireland and GPS receiver)

On sale: Now

Contact: Carphone Warehouse