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iPad Mini brings Thumb Rejection tech to Apple’s tablets

Apple has perfected one-handed tablet use even when that cheeky thumbs creeps onto the screen

Thumb Rejection technology – there’s something Tim Cook didn’t mention on stage at the iPad Mini launch last night. But it’s just another bit of Apple engineering that makes us want to trust Apple’s expensive pricing a bit more.

Thumb Rejection, made primarily for one-handed users, recognises if your thumb creeps across that thin iPad Mini bezel and onto the screen by mistake and actively ignores it. A great idea that will also be featured on the iPad 4 and, hopefully, added to all iPads soon.

So what’s the catch? It’s currently only available to apps on the iPad Mini now. But thankfully anything else can expect an update soon to make it compatible.

This is a great feature for children, supporting the idea that one of Apple’s goals was to infiltrate schools further as a reader platform. So should the Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7 be worried? Read our iPad Mini versus story to find out.

[via Slashgear]

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