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Microsoft to reveal Xbox streaming tablet with Barnes & Noble

The Redmond software giant could have Amazon's Kindle Fire in its sights with its latest rumoured tablet

UPDATE News on Microsoft’s Surface announcement coming soon…

Microsoft could be teaming up with Barnes & Noble to reveal its rumoured tablet later on today, according to the latest rumours from TechCrunch.

The move will pit the software giant’s mystery tablet directly against Amazon’s Kindle Fire as opposed to Apple’s new iPad 3, and with Xbox streaming also on the cards, Amazon could have its feathers more than a little ruffled.

Given that Microsoft invested US$300 million into a partnership with Barnes & Noble last month, an ebook tablet reveal seems entirely plausible, so stay tuned for all the details later on this evening.

[Tech Crunch via Cnet]

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble has confirmed to both Business Insider and The Verge that it will have nothing to do with Microsoft’s impending tablet announcement later on this evening. Could this mean that a direct iPad rival is back on the cards? We certainly hope so – the tablet race could always use a little more competition. Let the games begin.

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