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Nanoleaf introduces snap-on covers to customise Nanoleaf Lines

Talk about expanding the line-up

Nanoleaf is one of the top dogs in the smart lighting market. The company offers lights in a variety of shapes and styles, ready to fit any room. While the coloured lights can be completely customised when Nanoleaf devices are turned on, what about when they’re turned off?

To solve this problem with Nanoleaf Lines, the company is set to release a new accessory called Lines Skins. These are lightweight snap-on covers that can change up the look of your Nanoleaf Lines when they’re switched off.

It’s an extremely simple, yet elegant solution to further customise your Nanoleaf Lines. Simply snapping on a cover can change the ambient look of the smart device, so it better fits in your room and your style.

Currently, Nanoleaf doesn’t offer a similar sort of cover for any of its other smart lighting products. Perhaps the Lines Covers could pave the way to similar covers in the future.

Nanoleaf Lines are modular LED light bars that bring smart lighting into your home in a more subtle way. They were first released at the end of last year, and have proven popular ever since.

Nanoleaf will offer the Lines Skins in either Matte Black or Matte Pink, so you can pick whichever suits your style. Each pack includes 9 Skins and 9 Mounting Caps, enough for a standard pack of Nanoleaf Lines. The accessory isn’t yet available but will go on sale from Nanoleaf in April for £14.99.