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All the new iOS 15.5 features you’ll actually care about in the beta

Apple Wallet gets tweaked and more

An iPhone and an Apple Card

Apple as just seeded the first iOS 15.5 beta to its developer community, giving us a sneak peek at the last major iOS update before iOS 16 is released later this year. There’s nothing that’s going to turn the mobile world on its head, but here are the new iOS 15.5 features you’ll actually care about.

As ever, the Apple boffins at MacRumours shared a breakdown of the most noteworthy changes in the release – including spotting code referencing an ‘Apple Classical’ music app.

While a brand new app isn’t likely to appear in the final version of iOS 15.5 when that’s launched, it does seemingly confirm the presence of a major new feature for iOS 16, as that’s where we’re likely to see Apple Classical in the wild for the first time.

Apple Wallet changes and more

Elsewhere, Apple Wallet is getting some new features in iOS 15.5.

These are headlined by new Request and Send buttons for Apple Cash in the Wallet app, which should – wait for it – make it easier to request and send money in the Wallet app.

There’s also some relatively trivial tweaks, like the rebranding of the phyiscal Apple Card as the ‘Titanium Card’ in the Wallet settings, and the fact that you’ll now see Apple Pay referred to as ‘Apple Cash’ in the Messages app.

A final small change, but potentially a very useful one, is the the addition of the Wi-Fi signal strength of HomePod speakers to the iOS Home app.

How to download iOS 15.5 today

iOS 15.4 was Apple’s last important mobile software update

Beta releases are notoriously buggy and you should only install one on your device if you’re well-versed in the nuances of early release software. You should always backup your iPhone or iPad before making any switch, too, even if it’s to a full stable release like iOS 16 in the not too distant future.

The version of iOS 15.5 that’s currently out isn’t a public beta, either, but a developer one intended to let serious software whizzes update their apps and provide Apple with feedback on the new release, so extra caution should be exercised as you could lose all of your data or worse.

That also means you’ll need to be registered as a developer with Apple to get access to iOS 15.5 at this stage. If you are, then you just need to head to Apple’s developer website on your device, then navigate to Discover > iOS > Download.

You’ll then see the iOS 15 beta available, but only if your credentials are in order. Otherwise, you’ll be presented with bits of software you’ve probably never heard of, which is Apple’s way of telling you to get back in your box.

That said, the the iOS 15.5 public beta surely isn’t far behind, meaning anyone will be able to download the software if they wish. You can learn more about Apple’s public beta program here – just don’t forget our word of warning above.

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