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Nokia Here maps app to fill the iOS 6 void left by Google Maps?

It looks like Nokia’s super-fast mapping service could be the one to navigate Apple mobile users from browser map back to app

Without using the word gate, the Apple iOS 6 Maps issue has been one you could call a disaster. And there’s no sign of Apple allowing Google Maps back in app form to save the day anytime soon. But it is giving the green light to Nokia Here maps – an app which will be available for free on the App Store soon.

Nokia is also working with Mozilla to integrate its maps into the new Firefox OS browser. Plus it’ll be releasing the SDK for Android developers to create their owns apps and services for the Droids out there. And the more people that use Here, the better it will get – hence Nokia sharing rather than saving its automotive-grade Navteq maps, that work offline, for Lumias alone.

It looks like both Apple and Google are on the back foot as Nokia Here maps finds its way onto all mobile platforms in iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

[via NYT]

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