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Oops: someone left the Google Pixel Watch at a restaurant. Here’s what it looks like

This could be our best look at Google’s upcoming mythical timepiece

Rumours of a homegrown Google smartwatch have been making the rounds for years, and now someone has found what appears to be a bona fide Pixel Watch in the flesh, (presumably) left behind by a Google employee at an unnamed US restaurant.

The anonymous source sent pics and details to Android Central, stating that it appears to be “a testing model for the Internal Pixel team.” Based on everything we know about the Pixel Watch (codename: Rohan) so far, it appears to be legit, with a circular design dominated by a near bezel-less display and physical crown, along with at least one visible button.

Sadly the mysterious watch doesn’t boot past a Google logo, but we expect the final product will be rocking the shiny new Wear OS 3, developed between both Google and Samsung. It’s also expected to launch with a Samsung Exynos processor powering the show, as opposed to a Snapdragon alternative.

Though the watch was found without a charger, the rear of the device suggests it’ll have a Fitbit-like dock charging solution, though its glassy smoothness could also suggest that wireless charging is on the cards too. The rubber straps appear to be soft and comfortable, but their design suggests that they’re proprietary, potentially limiting customisation options compared to universal straps.

That’s all the latest info we have on the Google Pixel Watch for now, but we’ll keep you posted ahead of its potential reveal at Google I/O next month, so watch this space. (Sorry).