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Pogoplug Pro looks the business for web-connected storage

New version adds WiFi to make all your digital possessions even easier to backup and share

Our favourite multimedia-sharing device has grown up.

The rebellious bright white and punk-pink highlights have been replaced with a black business suit, but the Pogoplug Pro’s core functionality remains the same as the original’s. As before, you can connect up to four USB drives to be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, as well as the ability to print wirelessly from any mobile device.

The big news here however is the addition of built in WiFi, meaning that you can place this little guy anywhere in your house as opposed to being chained to your router. No wires means more flexibility, so now it’s even easier to beam your movies, music and more around your humble abode, and the world.

You can even get your multimedia fix on the go with an accompanying app available on the Apple, Android, Blackberry and webOS app stores, allowing you to watch your favourite show whilst being elbowed in the face on a train during rush hour.

No UK release or price has been announced yet, but at $99 in the US you should at least have enough cash left over for a hard drive to go with it.