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Pre-order GTA V for £30 today

Of all the deals flying about this Black Friday this GTA V pre-order is the top steal by far

If you’ve been following the GTA V release details as closely as us you’ll have seen the trailer, lapped up the second trailer, and saved up ready to buy the game. Now you may have some money spare thanks to a Hot UK Deals tip for GTA V from Tesco.

Grab the voucher code at Hot UK Deals, then head over to Tesco to pre-order your copy of GTA V for £30 while also claiming 530 Clubcard points, and 4.5 per cent cashback from Quidco.

The only bad part is that the wait for its release in 2013 will be even harder. Perhaps GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition on iOS and Android will keep you busy?

Update: As Tesco has raised the price by a penny, you’ll need to add a low-priced item to bump the total above £40. Stil a good bargain if you ask us though.

[Tesco via HotUKDeals]

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