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Raspberry Pi getting 5MP camera

Soon you'll be able to take photos with your fruit-flavoured PC

Raspberry Pi, the pocket-sized PC that’s aiming to get kids coding, is getting its first official peripheral – a 5MP camera add-on that’ll let you snap stills and shoot HD video.

The camera board is expected to cost between US$20 and US$25, and will arrive in around three months’ time. The Raspberry Pi Foundation isn’t stopping there, though – it’s planning to create a display board enabling you to connect the Pi to a flat-panel display.

The Foundation has also announced that production of the mini-PC is up to 4,000 a day – and you can now order more than one Raspberry Pi.

While you’re waiting for the next add-on and mulling over whether to pick one up, check out our Raspberry Pi review and Need to Know feature.

[via engadget]

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