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Rejoice! The BBC has launched iPlayer TV downloads for Android

Auntie's updated her iPlayer app with a long-awaited download-to-enjoy-later feature

The BBC has announced that its Android iPlayer app now supports iPlayer downloads, a feature that’s been requested since iPlayer first landed on the Google Play store.

Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean can download programmes and watch them back for up to 30 days. Once you hit play, you’ll have seven days to finish watching what you’ve started.

As an added bonus, you can carry on downloading shows in the background while you’re using other apps – a feature not available to iOS users.

Tablet love

Android tablet users will be defaulted to High Quality downloads, though you can choose to download in standard quality if you still wish to do so.

The updated iPlayer app should hit the Google Play store later on today and will be available on the devices below.


Which devices support iPlayer downloads at launch?

1) Amazon Kindle 8.9

2) Asus Nexus 7

3) Asus Nexus 7 2

4) HTC One

5) LG Nexus 4

6) Samsung Galaxy S2

7) Samsung Galaxy S3

8) Samsung Galaxy S4

9) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″

10) Samsung Google Nexus 10

11) Sony Xperia Z

The BBC is also currently working on support for the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 and HD 7.