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There’s nearly 25% off this excellent 65in Philips OLED TV right now

Plus even bigger savings on big-screen LCD models

Philips OLED TV prime day deal with logo

If you’ve been holding off upgrading your home cinema setup until you could afford some particularly tasty OLED tech, that time might have finally arrived. For Amazon Prime Day, Philips has knocked nearly a quarter off the asking price of its 65in 706 OLED TV.

Previously retailing for £1300, you can now pick up the 65in variant for £1000 – that’s a 23% discount. It also puts it among some of the most affordable OLED models on sale in the UK today. Typically sub-£1000 models have 55in panels (or smaller) so you’re getting a lot of screen space for your cash here.

The 4K set handles Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content, with three-sided Ambilight to add even more visual flair to your movies and TV shows. It’s running Google’s Android TV operating system, with all the usual streaming suspects including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Even better, two of the HDMI 2.1 ports on the rear support variable refresh rate up to 120Hz, with support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. That’ll be music to the ears of anyone with a PS5, Xbox One Series X or modern gaming PC.

If OLED is still stretching your wallet just a little too far, Philips still has you covered with the 8546 line-up of LCD TVs, which has also been given a hefty discount for Prime Day. These 4K sets are available in a range of sizes, from 43in all the way up to 70in, with as much as 50% off the typical retail price.

Aside from the underlying panel tech and some image processing smarts, you’re getting a very similar experience, with the same next-gen console-ready HDMI inputs, same Android TV interface, same wide range of streaming services and same three-sided Ambilight mood lighting.

The big decision is which screen size will suit your room the best. The 43in model used to be £600, but is now £350 – that’s a 42% saving. Stepping up to the 50in model would usually set you back £750, but it’s currently on sale for £400 – a huge 47% saving.

The 58in model seems to be the sweet spot: while it would have cost £900 before Prime Day, right now you can get one for £450 – that’s a full 50% off, or half retail price.

Prices go up along with screen size, but both the 65in and 70in models are still rocking some impressive discounts. The 65in version once cost £1000, but is currently £630 – that’s a 37% reduction. The 70in model, meanwhile, will set you back £700 – a 36% discount compared to the typical £1100 retail price.