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Ultimate Setup – festival

Ultimate Setup – festival

With Glastonbury about to kick off, we’ve rounded up some of the finest festival gadgetry and gear – the kit that’ll make your three-day stint in the sun (or mud) that little bit more enjoyable…

Eurohike Flash Mach III Blackout £80


As we said in our full-on review of the Flash Mach II Blackout, this three-person tent is lightweight (just 4.8kg when fully packed), roomy and pitches in a couple of minutes. The blackout lining doesn’t deliver total darkness, but the dull red gloom it affords should ease your hangover slightly.

Panasonic RP-HTX7 £35


Be the envy of every hipster on site with these retro styled ear goggles from Panasonic. The RP-HTX7 headphones look tres 1960s to us, and are available in a range of colours including pink, red, black, powder blue and (our personal favourite) bright green. They should shut out external noise quite effectively too – so clamp them to your dome when Jack Johnson takes the stage to avoid an instant onset of narcolepsy.

Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier £20


Whack your iPhone in this dinky dock and marvel at how it takes sound from the built-in speaker, amplifies it by about 10dB and chucks it out into the room – or in this case, your tent. No batteries required, natch.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower £15


Three days living in a tent ain’t no joke, especially on the hygiene front. But you can avoid stinking the place up with your natural musk by bringing this along with you. Fill the bag with 10 litres of H2O and it’ll deliver an 8-minute shower – and because the bag is black, if you fill it up and leave it out in the sun for a bit the water will warm up. You’ll be the envy of your filthy, reeking peers.


Samsung WB650 £250


This compact camera features a 15x optical zoom to get you closer to the onstage action, plus 720p video recording if you want to capture a band’s antics in pixel-tastic high definition. Not only that, there’s GPS and geotagging too – so you can really prove that “I was there, man”.


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