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Which trainers should you buy? The best workout shoes for running, training and exercise

From running trainers to gym sneakers to trail shoes, the best workout shoes will help you leap towards success and beat your PB.

best workout shoes featuring Reebok Nano X1 On Running Cloudventure and New Balance FuelCell

Barefoot exercise might connect you with the earth, but treading on a thorn won’t do much for your PB. For sole support that shields your feet, you can’t top a pair of the best workout shoes.

Looking to put a spring in your step? Whether you’re pushing to beat your PB, cross-training to torch your core or going wild to bound over boulders, the right trainers can make all the difference.

From springy gym sneakers to supportive trail shoes, all of the lace-ups below will help you leap towards success – whatever your fitness discipline. Just add socks.

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The best workout shoes for pounding the pavement

The road runners: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 2

Some runners like to feel every bit of feedback from the road beneath their feet. These Nike kicks are not for those people. With more foam than a dodgy disco, the ZoomX will have you bouncing along like a battery-powered bunny. Striving for maximum shock absorption, the cushioned sneakers also feature a wide forefoot for super stability. Because soft strides go easier on your knees, it should mean you’re not hobbling after attacking the asphalt.

The power platforms: New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v3

You won’t find an actual FuelCell inside these running shoes. Which is lucky, because hidden hydrogen would likely lead to lifetime disqualification from your local Park Run. Instead, the foamy loafers feature a high-rebound midsole compound paired with a full-length carbon fibre plate. Working together, the two materials promise to propel you forward with every step. So you should finally be equipped to power past your Saturday jogging nemesis.

The streamlined sprinters: Brooks Launch 9

Brooks’ original Launch launched in 2009 as a straightforward shoe for easy sprinting. 14 years and seven generations later, the ninth edition is as bold as ever. Lightweight BioMoGo DNA cushioning adapts to your specific stride for superior support, while air-injected rubber on the sole is designed to reduce contact time by launching you forward. The midsole stack height has been increased by 2 mm compared to past models too, which provides more responsiveness in your stride.

The Wide Wonders: Nike Invincible 3

best workout shoes

As we’ve already mentioned, the Nike Invincible 2 is a stellar shoe for tackling city terrain. And now, it’s been improved with the Nike Invincible 3, for those who want to invest in a brand new, top of the line pair of runners. The Invincible 3 is higher and wider than its predecessor, offering greater support and comfort for the flat footed amongst us. At £170 they’re not cheap, but the Invincible 3 offers a running experience similar to the upcoming Vaporfly 3 but without the £235 price tag.

The best workout shoes for cross-training and gym exercise

The springy steppers: Under Armour HOVR Apex 3

New shoes won’t transform you into Hercules, but they might boost you to a new personal best. And while the Under Armour Hovr Apex 3 may be a little old (and, by default, a little cheaper), they’re a great all-rounder. The Under Armour foam is designed to reduce impact and maximise energy return for each rep. Strapping around the heel of the Apex 3 also adds extra lifting stability, while the TriBase sole gives you the right balance of grip, ground contact and flexibility when you clean and jerk.

The workout warriors: Inov-8 F-Lite G 300

Think the varied challenges of cross-training make it tough on you? Try being a shoe: from lifts to squats to box jumps, your plimsolls have to deal with all sorts of strain while you work out. Featherweight and foot-hugging, these multi-talented trotter protectors are reinforced with a graphene Powerheel for ultimate support and durability while you huff, puff and gurn.

The fabric flexers: Reebok Nano X1

Best workout shoes: Reebok Nano X1

Knitting gets a bad rep. Sure, working the needles might not score top points for street cred, but a good weave can wrap your foot just right. Take the Flexweave upper on these Reebok kickers: soft yet durable, it gives just enough flex to keep your feet comfortable, with the strength to go the distance. Add responsive Floatride foam underfoot and you’ve got proof that there’s power in going woven.

The best workout shoes for trail-running

The all-weathers: Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GTX

nike running

Trail running is all about appreciating nature. But, if you live in the UK at least, a sunlit run or stroll can very quickly descend into a muggy schlep that has you pining for the pavement. With the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GTX on your feet, though, a waterproof GORE-TEX layer will help keep your feet dry, while a rubber layer on the outsole creates a smooth transition from trail to road. A heightened ankle will add a little extra support while keeping pebbles at bat, and they also look pretty spectacular, too.

The go-anywhere grippers: On Running Cloudventure

Best workout shoes: On Running Cloudventure

Only the highest trails will take you into the clouds, but don these all-terrain trainers and you’ll feel like you’re treading on air. On Running’s third-gen Cloudventures combine chunky lugs for maximum grip with a trio of technical materials: Speedboard to maintain your momentum, CloudTec to cushion impacts and Helion superfoam to propel you forward. Working in unison, they deliver an off-road experience that’s light on weight, low on impact.

The high-speed hikers: Hoka One Speedgoat Mid 2 GTX

Best workout shoes: Hoka Speedgoat

Most people are happy hiking up hills, but some nutters need to sprint to the summit. If you’re one of them, these lace-ups will help you make like a mountain goat. Part hiking boot, part trail runner, the waterproof Hoka hooves give you grip and flexibility for all conditions. Moulded foam collars keep your ankles supported as you clamber, while a Megagrip outsole delivers all the traction its name suggests.

The fashionable fell shoes: ACG Zoom Gaiadome

Best shoes 2023

ACG (All Conditions Gear) is Nike’s line of hard-wearing gear for mountaineers, trailers and wet weather wanderers. And, because it’s Nike, ACG toes the line between exceptionally trendy and tough. You’ll pay a pretty penny for the name and quality, but there is both style and substance to be found in the ACG Zoom Gaiadome hiking boots. The Gaiadome’s are specially specced out for steep inclines, while a Trailframe underfoot adds some extra stability. The Summit White colour pattern will have you roaming those hills like a rambling space cadet, too.

The rest and recover: Hoka Ora Recovery Slide

Best workout shoes: Hoka Ora Recovery

Proper rest and recovery is almost as important as exercise itself. After all, you won’t be breaking any personal bests if there’s no petrol in the engine. Recovery shoes are one way of ensuring your muscles relax and recuperate after a fitness session, and the Hoka Ora Recovery Slides do just that. For one, they’re incredibly comfortable with a cushioned sole, which makes for a forgiving impact when walking. Our personal favourite feature, though, is the textured insole that massages your foot as you walk. The Hoka Ora are available in both men and women sizes, and at £40 are a real bargain.

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