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Xbox 720 controller will be smaller and possibly zebra striped

Don't bank on Microsoft's Xbox 720 arriving with a radically different controller. As for the rumours of a zebra print finish, the jury's still out...

Worried Microsoft would change the Xbox controller for the new Xbox console? Relax – developer rumours suggest there’ll be no surprises in that department… apart from zebra stripes.

According to website Kotaku, four developers have admitted the controller remains largely unchanged save for a small drop in overall size, which is bad news if you disliked the current D-pad but good news if you loved its palm-caressing curves and have small hands. Unless, of course, the materials and underlying mechanics have been fettled with to improve functionality.

Said developers also stated a rather curious claim – that the current Xbox and controller are covered in zebra stripes for reasons unknown. Current theories suggest any developer that released an image could be traced using the unique pattern, but there’s also the logic of using stripes to help disguise the looks, a tactic employed by car manufacturers to help hide aesthetic changes and to play havoc with a camera’s auto focus setting.

Whether the Xbox 720 itself will have any big design changes remains to be seen, but it’s mere months until the big reveal at E3 from June 11th. Plenty of time to scribble a pleading note to Santa.


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