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ZTE Open C: Firefox OS on a 4in screen for just £70

No, it's not a spec monster. But at this price, who cares?

There’s a lot of things that £70 won’t buy you these days, but the ZTE Open C isn’t one of them.

The Chinese manufacturer’s latest handset ditches Android for the fresh-whiskered face of Firefox OS, following on from last year’s ZTE Open.

ZTE’s Open C will land next week, packed with the latest version of Firefox OS ready to roll straight out of the box, with performance enhancements and improved messaging and multimedia smarts.

Tweaks include direct music player access from the lock screen and notifications bar as well as faster, more fluid scrolling performance. 

While Firefox OS can’t hold a candle to Android or iOS in terms of functionality at this early stage, it’s good to see that Mozilla are committed to evolving Firefox OS and pushing it forward.