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Discover the smartwatch that can help track your blood pressure

The BP Doctor Pro delivers simplicity and accuracy that other watches can only dream of

BP Doctor Pro

If you want to keep an eye on your blood pressure, you’ll know that BP monitoring in smartwatches is usually one of two things: not there at all, or not very accurate. YHE Technology’s BP Doctor Pro is different.

It uses a really clever design to deliver the same accurate readings you’d get from a full-sized pressure cuff – but it’s small enough to be the smartwatch you use every day.

The secret’s in the strap

The secret to the BP Doctor Pro is hidden inside the watch strap. There you’ll find its patented inflatable air cuff, which works just like a full-sized one. When you want to get a reading, the cuff will inflate and you’ll feel your wrist being squeezed. That squeezing constricts the area underneath the watch strap, ensuring that the sensors get the clearest possible look at your blood.

That constriction is what differentiates the BP Doctor Pro from other smartwatches that promise blood pressure monitoring. According to recent, detailed research published in Frontiers of Cardiovascular Medicine, smartwatches that didn’t include an inflatable cuff tended to overestimate low blood pressure and underestimate high blood pressure. In other words, they informed their wearers that their blood pressure was fine when it was actually too low or too high. And that’s a problem because the numbers really matter.

Why accurate numbers really matter

There are two numbers that matter with blood pressure monitoring: systolic pressure, which tells you how much force is pushing the blood around your body, and diastolic pressure, which is the amount of resistance in your blood vessels. Blood pressure is always described with systolic first and diastolic second, so a rating of 120 over 80 means a systolic pressure of 120 and a diastolic pressure of 80.

For most people, ideal blood pressure is between 90 and 120 systolic and between 60 and 80 diastolic. By monitoring those numbers and tracking them over time you can get a much better picture of your progress towards your health goals, as well as early warnings of anything you might need to have a chat with your doctor about.

That’s why it’s so important to have a blood pressure monitor that delivers accurate results. If it’s saying your blood pressure is higher or lower than it actually is, you could be missing information that’s really important to your health.

Why the BP Doctor Pro does it better

Most smartwatches were designed to be watches, not health monitors. And as a result there’s a certain amount of compromise, which is why you sometimes end up with health features that produce lots of pretty graphs but that just aren’t accurate enough for you or for your healthcare provider. The BP Doctor Pro is different because it was designed from day one as a health tracker.

In addition to its blood pressure sensors, the BP Doctor Pro also has heart rate, heart rate variability and blood oxygen sensors to help you get more insights into your health. There’s built-in sleep tracking that can help you identify sleep trends and sleep quality. And it has fitness tracking built in too, so you can use it to record indoor and outdoor runs and outdoor walks.

Whether it’s blood pressure or personal bests, all that data is safely, securely and automatically transferred to your iPhone. And because the BP Doctor Pro is also a smartwatch, you can use it to track your schedule, notify you of messages and calls and set alarms and timers too.

YHE Technology’s BP Doctor Pro

Faster. More convenient. And much more accurate

By taking the functions of a traditional pressure cuff and building it into a stylish smartwatch, YHE Technology’s BP Doctor Pro delivers much better accuracy than cuffless smartwatches while still delivering all the features and good looks you’d expect from a modern, high-quality wearable.

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