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Best Apple Watch straps 2022: for Series 7, Series 8, and Ultra

Strap in for the latest Apple Watch bands you can slap on your wrist

3 Apple Watch models in front of a selection of straps

The Apple Watch has so many straps it now needs to take one of those giant steamer trunks with it when going on holiday. Great for customisation; not so great for knowing which one to slap on your wrist. From Apple’s own and designer brands to more affordable third-party offerings, the list is almost endless. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best strappy accessories for your favourite techy accessory.

From simple rubber bands to more complex metal straps, the list below features straps for every preference and price range. All the options we’ve options will fit the standard Apple Watch Series 7 onwards (with the 41mm and 45mm sizes), and the pricier Apple Watch Ultra. So, whichever model you’ve picked from Apple’s flagship line-up in 2022, you’ll find something here to curl around the smartwatch.

Our pick of the best Apple Watch straps

Apple Sport Band

Apple’s most basic band tends to be one of the most resilient options available. The light rubber material means your Apple Watch fits snugly on your wrist, without being too heavy. Being made from rubber, the band is completely sweat and water resistant for whatever activities you may get up to. Plus, the sleek minimalist design makes it the perfect accessory for pretty much any clobber in your wardrobe. Topped off with an easy fasten and release stud, the Sport Band will serve you well.

Apple Watch Milanese Loop in Graphite colour

Apple Milanese Loop

By far one of the most stylish metal straps for Apple Watches, the brand’s own Milanese Loop is an excellent choice. Made from premium stainless steel, this modern interpretation of the signature strap style from Milan is worth the price tag. It not only feels great on your wrist (and not too heavy, either), it’ll certainly catch people’s eye as you strut around town. With a simple magnetic mechanism to fasten, it stays snugly fit on your wrist and easy to whip off at the end of the day.

Apple Watch Hermes Leather Strap in Brown colour

Hermès Leather Strap

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41mm Apple Watch45mm Apple Watch

Poised to bring a tear to credit card companies’ eyes, Hermès’ range of straps for the Apple Watch are some uber-luxury gear. With a price tag as high as most Apple Watch models, it takes some serious fashion commitment to strap one of these bad boys around your wrist. Released in collaboration with Apple, you’ll find the highest quality leather on this strap. Fit with a buckle mechanism to fasten and made all the way in France, you’ll feel the talk of the town with this high-end strap. Price tag aside, there’s no doubt this strap looks great (and it’ll feel just as good). Do yourself a favour and at least nab it when you buy the Apple Watch – you’ll get some exclusive watchfaces thrown in. It might take the sting off the bill a little bit.

Nomad's Titanium Band for Apple Watch in Black colour

Nomad Titanium Band

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41mm Apple Watch45mm/49mm Apple Watch

Nomad’s Titanium Band for Apple Watch is an alternative metal strap that looks just as good. Featuring a more traditional design, each link is crafted from high-quality titanium for a premium product on your wrist. The black colour option is rather striking, and will help your wrist stand-out from all the others. With a locking fastening mechanism, the strap will remain securely strapped around your wrist. Looking for a metal strap for the smartwatch? Nomad’s Titanium Band is up there among the best.

Apple Watch Alpine Loop in Green colour

Apple Alpine Loop

Designed for the new Apple Watch Ultra, the brand’s Alpine Loop is an ideal strap for the more adventurous out there. The textile layers make for a comfy fit, and won’t get damaged if you get your sweat on. Securely fastening with a metal hook, there’s nothing that’ll shake this strap off your wrist. It looks super sleek for such a durable strap, so you won’t have to swap it out for your less adventurous afternoons. While designed for the Ultra, the strap is still compatible with the standard, smaller models.

Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop in White/Black colour

Apple & Nike Sport Loop

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41mm Apple Watch45mm Apple Watch

Fashioned out of nylon, the Nike Sport Loop is a super lightweight strap for the Apple Watch. Securely fastening with a hook-and-loop system, it’ll keep snugly strapped to your wrist through any workout these sadistic fitness gurus come up with. It’s breathable, sweat-resistant, and looks stylish while worn. Who said your wrists can’t look good while the rest of you is a sweaty mess? You’ll even find Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” tag line woven into the band – perfect for any extra finish-line motivation you need.

Nomad's Sport Band for Apple Watch in Ultra Orange colour

Nomad Sport Band

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41mm Apple Watch 45mm/49mm Apple Watch

An alternative to Apple’s Sport Band, Nomad’s Sport Band offering boasts a more rugged design. With a more traditional rectangular stud to fasten the strap, the band gives you a familiar feel. The indents in the rubber make for a more comfortable fit, and give your wrist the rugged look that other sport bands lack. With multiple colour options, you can choose to either stand out, or fit in while your workout – or get a bunch for any occasion. The rubber strap sits atop your wrist rather nicely, and is just as water and sweat resistant as you’d expect.

Tasikar's Magnetic Strap for Apple Watch in Grey/Orange colour

Tasikar Magnetic Strap

Despite being from a smaller brand, Tasikar’s Magnetic Strap just had to be featured. The dual-colour design means this strap will look good on any wrist, with a rather stand-out design. Made from silicone, the strap is water and sweat resistant for workouts, and will feel light on your wrist the rest of the time. Like Apple’s Leather Link, Tasikar’s offering fastens with magnets inside the strap. It means you’ll get a secure fit, while having an easy fastening experience. The cherry on top? This strap is on the lower end of the pricing scale, making for a more affordable accessory to your Apple Watch.

Casetify's Luggage Tag strap for Apple Watch in London Heathrow model

Casetify Airport Luggage Tag Strap

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41mm Apple Watch 45mm Apple Watch

A little out-of-the-box, Casetify’s Airport Luggage Tag strap looks rather tidy. Featuring the airport of your choosing’s shorthand code, the strap makes for the perfect companion to any traveller. Since this Apple Watch comes from Casetify, it means the design is from an independent artist. It’s a great way to support smaller talent, while nabbing yourself a stylish strap at the same time.

Spigen's Armor Pro for Apple Watch in Navy Blue colour

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

There’s no two ways about this: Spigen’s Rugged Armor Pro is an absolute unit. Packing both a case for your Apple Watch and a rubber strap, this option offers the most durability for your device. The case offers extra protection for your watch in case of drops or knocks, and it’s completely shock resistant. With a metal fastener on the accompanying rubber strap, Spigen’s strap won’t accidentally come off your wrist. It’s water and sweat resistant, so the Rugged Armor Pro is really ready for anything. This band isn’t compatible with the Ultra, but the premium watch offering is already extra durable!

Bordering between formal and casual, Apple’s Leather Link strap is a rather stylish addition for your wrist. Made from genuine leather, the strap doesn’t just look great – it feels great too. It’s light, flexible, and still breathable for your skin (there’s nothing worse than sweaty wrists). Fastening with magnets inside each link of the strap, taking your Apple Watch off couldn’t be simpler. The magnets are surprisingly strong, too. Perfect for a meeting outside or a night on the sofa, the Leather Link is a must-have for your drawer.