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Promoted: The 7 greatest lawns in the world

This selection would make any lawnmower go weak at the wheels


Miimo loves cutting grass. It’s the entire reason the little fellow exists. And the bigger and more beautiful the lawn, the happier he is.

While we’re sure your garden is very pretty, there’s no harm in a robotic lawnmower from dreaming about bigger and better things.

So here’s a list of the Seven Wonders of the Turf World. Who knows, maybe you’ll give Miimo the week off one day and let him go travelling…

Buckingham Palace

Let’s start off with a little class. The 42 acres of grounds hugging the Queen’s residence in London are where her garden parties are held, and even saw Brian May perform God Save the Queen to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. There’s plenty for Miimo to see in between munching on royal greenery, including tennis courts, a helicopter launch pad and the Waterloo Vase – a giant urn commissioned by Napoleon himself.

Château de Versailles

We can almost hear Louis XIV now. “43 acres? Très mignon. Try 250, little Miimo, and see what proper lawns are made of”. Obviously that’s a sentence that was probably never uttered by the French king, but he’d have a right to be cocky. The vast land surrounding the Château de Versailles is packed full of flower beds, ornamental lakes and even a canal. Don’t forget to pack your water wings, Miimo.

The White House

It’s okay Miimo, Kevin Spacey isn’t really the president. We’re sure Mr. Obama will be more than happy to welcome you to have a nibble on the White House grass. Bear in mind, though, that it’ll probably be rather rude if you happen to slice up any Easter eggs you see hidden away during the annual Easter egg roll. Although your automatic collision detection and in-built safety mechanism should prevent that from happening. Who’s a good mower? You are.

Champ de Mars

The French have done it again. The Champ de Mars is a strip of greenery that sits directly in front of the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, and is named after the Mars Field in Rome – a tribute to the Roman God of War, thanks to its previous use as a marching ground for the French military. You might also recognise it from Roger Moore’s taxi-driving exploits in A View to Kill, although we’re sure the Miimo will be far better behaved.

Wimbledon Centre Court

Back to the UK now, for a rather different lawn. It might not be the biggest one in the list, but it’s arguably one of the most famous rectangular stretches of grass in the world – the platform on which champions have lifted trophies. While the rain used to be centre court’s mortal enemy, Miimo’s waterproof powers would have shrugged it off with ease, even without the fancy convertible roof.

Lord’s Cricket ground

From tennis to the home of cricket. We’re not sure if Miimo understands the rules of the game (we struggled ourselves for quite a while), but chomping down on a wide, open space of grass while the ground’s 28,000 spectators cheer on would be an honour for the little fellow. His impact-resistant shell might even fend off a ball or too, though we’d like to think the players would be kind enough to wait before they begin.

Windows XP wallpaper

Yes, this is a real place, and it’s located in Sonoma County in California. National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear snapped it on his way home before submitting it as a stock photo. Called Bliss, it’s probably graced the insides of more than one billion PCs across the world. Don’t worry Miimo, you can’t catch the blue screen of death from eating the grass.

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