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Fiat gets Googled with the voice-controlled 500 Family

“OK Google, are we nearly there yet?”

The Apple iCar might be the rumour that refuses to die, but it looks like Google has beaten it to the Tarmac. Well, kind of. Fiat’s 500 Family Hey Google is a new range of the company’s nifty runabout – made up of the 500 hybrid (from £16,005, pictured), 500X (from £21,765) and 500L (from £20,345) – that comes with added Google-powered voice control. Each one has the latest version of Google Assistant onboard, so you can chat away to it when you’re behind the wheel, but it also has a special connected telematics box, which means you can use your phone or the included Nest Hub to check how much fuel is in the tank, where it’s parked and whether you definitely locked it, all from the comfort of your sofa. Of course, Google Assistant is also part of Android Auto, which is already available on these Fiat models, but what also sets the Family Hey Google range apart is the subtle branding both inside and out, leaving your passengers and fellow road users in absolutely no doubt which search engine you prefer. Just try not to get into any road rage incidents with the driver of a BMW Ask Jeeves.