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LG’s latest InstaView fridge packs plenty of space

A cabinet affair

LG's latest InstaView fridge with French-doors in a kitchen with grey cabinets

Smart fridges are nothing new. For a while now, appliance manufacturers have been ditching metal doors in favour of glass panels to let you see what’s inside. And LG‘s latest InstaView fridge is no exception, but focuses more on design and space. Space for cold items, that is, not the starry kind up above.

It’s a sleek, stainless-steel appliance with flat doors. The only exception to this is the mirror-coated glass InstaView panel (more on that later). Unlike many similar smart fridges on the market, LG’s latest offering is counter-depth. This means the cold box sits flush with your kitchen counters and cabinetry, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus, for the first time, LG is launching an InstaView fridge with French-doors. How do these two go hand-in-hand?

Well, while LG’s latest model might be a little smaller than conventional French-door fridges, the brand has shrunk down some of the tech components such as the air duct. The result? A 25.5 cubic feet fridge that’ll hold all the groceries you could possibly throw at it. In fact, it’s about 25% bigger than other French-door fridges that LG offers. Pretty smart, right?

Speaking of smarts, this fridge’s stand-out feature is the InstaView panel. Two knocks on the glass pane light up the inside of the fridge for you to peek at what’s inside. It helps to stop any unwanted cold air escaping so that your fridge uses less energy. It also packs an ice dispenser with four different modes, LinearCooling for more stable temperatures, DoorCooling+ to reach every level of the fridge, and UVnano tech to reduce bacteria. What more could a fridge do?

Currently, there’s no release date or pricing information. Nor do we know which countries the fridge is launching in. As you can see, there’s a lot tucked away still. But fret not! LG will reveal further details after it unveils the fridge at the CES 2023 tech exhibition in January.