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Apple opens up Self Service Repair programme to MacBooks and Mac desktops

Whack the back off your Mac with permission

At the end of last year, Apple made a surprise announcement of the Self Service Repair programme. Under the programme, Apple users can opt to get official replacement parts, tools, and accessories to repair their own devices. Until recently, the tech giant tested the waters with the programme on just a select bunch of iPhone models, from the 12 to the 13. But Apple is now opening it up for more devices.

Through Apple’s Self Service Repair store, you’ll now be able to order replacement parts and instructions for MacBooks and Mac desktops. Back in August, Apple added support for the M1 MacBook Air, and M1 MacBook Pros, M1 iMac. And now, the programme covers the M1 Mac mini, and Mac Studio. The good news is that this covers all chips in the M1 family. The better news is that the programme will open up to even more devices in the near future.

Under the programme, you’ll be able to replace some of the most common devices parts. For MacBooks, these include the display, top case, battery, and trackpad. While these are some common repair jobs, there are some notable exceptions, such as the ports and webcam. Apple mentions there are more parts to come later, but doesn’t specify which or when. But for the desktops, you can repair pretty much everything inside the Macs. This includes antennas, fans, ports, buttons, boards, and the housing itself.

It’s worth noting that Apple still warns against your average consumer repairing their own device – which is probably for the best. The programme is designed to help “customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices”. For what it’s worth, we also recommend cracking open your MacBook unless you know what you’re doing.

It’s nice to see Apple expanding the Self Service Repair programme, giving customers more options when repairing devices. Apple is clearly planning on taking the service further, so we’ll keep an eye out on future changes.