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iPhone compatible Nike+ Basketball and Training shoes coming in June

Track your training with Nike's hi-tech Training and Basketball shoes and iPhone apps

If you’ve been eyeing the Nike+ runners with envious eyes from the confines of the gym or the basketball court, wishing you could get your hands on some of their lovely iPhone-compatible performance metrics, fret no longer. Nike is introducing a new line of Nike+ footwear aimed at gym bunnies and slam dunkers, with accompanying Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball iPhone apps.

The Training range features two styles of shoe – the Lunar TR 1+ (for men) and Lunar Hyperworkout+ (for women).

Fitness fans can follow workouts by likes of Rafael Nadal and US international goalie Hope Solo with the associated Nike+ Training iPhone app. If you own the shoes, the app will tell you if you are keeping up or failing like a bag of lard.

The socially conscious can also upload their daily stats to the Nike+ community, Twitter or Facebook.

For basketball geeks, Nike’s launching the Nike Hyperdunk+ trainers and Nike+ Basketball app – which tracks your speed, steps and jumping height as you move around the court. More awesome is the Showcase feature: record yourself playing and the app will overlay your stats, creating a seriously pro video that you can share online.

No prices have been released as yet, but we can comfortably expect to pony up three figures for any of the Nike+ trainers. The app and shoes will launch in the UK on June 29.

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