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Netflix tees up new add-on accounts to share your account for a small fee

They see you, account sharers

If you’ve got a Netflix account (and who hasn’t these days), chances are you’ve shared the login with someone. Just a cheeky little watch here and there; the modern-day equivalent of borrowing a cup of sugar. It’s undeniable that it makes sense, but Netflix doesn’t like it.

Until now, Netflix has published terms and conditions that could ban or suspend viewers for such neighbourly sharing. But Netflix is currently trialling a new add-on accounts package that would let you legitimately share your account for a small fee.

The feature, currently branded as “Add an Extra Member” would allow Standard and Premium plan subscribers to set up add-on accounts for people at different address. You could share add-on accounts with up to two members at that address.

Not only can you share an account, but the add-on members will get their own ID, password, profile, list, history, and recommendations. Sounds handy, right? But there’s a catch.

Netflix’s current profile options.

The platform’s “Add an Extra Member” feature comes with a $2.99 price hike as well (that’s not very neighbourly, is it?). With Netflix’s recent price hike, that means you could be paying around £17.99 for a Premium plan with add-on members. Before you start twitching, consider the fact this may actually be reasonable.

Paying £17.99 per month for essentially two Netflix accounts, is better than paying £15.99 twice (that’s £31.98 to save you getting out the calculator). If you’re splitting the costs between two parties as well, things start to get much more reasonable. With a 50/50 split with your friends or family, you could get a Premium plan for just £7.99. It’s a much better a deal for new members. Why set up your own account, when you can be added on for a smaller fee?

Netflix is introducing this new feature because it claims the loss of money from account sharing is causing problems budgeting for new content. With the $2.99 surcharge, Netflix has some extra pennies in its pocket, and we can benefit from cheaper Netflix prices (if you have a friend). It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Currently, Netflix is trialling this new feature only in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. If it proves successful, the streaming giant could roll it out worldwide. Of course, it might not, and the price is also subject to change. But our fingers are crossed!