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Tado smart heating kit up to 50% off in these red hot Black Friday deals

Save at Amazon now - and on heating bills for evermore

A smartphone running the Tado app

The big day is finally here and among the many amazing Amazon Black Friday UK deals currently doing the rounds, German smart home giant Tado has slashed up to 50% off selected products. Here’s a selection of the best offers live right now.

Tado specialises in smart thermostats and those looking to move towards clever heating need look no further than the incredible 49% saving on this wireless starter kit – though that’s nothing compared to the long-term savings you’ll enjoy on your heating bill!

It features a Tado V3+ Wireless Smart Thermostat, Programmer with Hot Water Control, fitting Stand, and a 3rd gen Echo Dot in Charcoal Gray – all for just £140.90, a total savings of more than £139.

Given Tado comes with support for Amazon Alexa (along with Siri and Google Assistant), the addition of the Echo Dot to the bundle means you’ll not only be adding smart heating to your home, but making it voice controlled as well for a truly futuristic set-up.

Adding the Echo Dot only costs you an extra fiver compared to the deal price of the regular Wireless Starter Kit, too, making it something of a no-brainer.

Alternatively, if your boiler is still of the wired variety, Tado also has you covered. You can save 50% on the price of a Tado Wired Starter Kit, making for a total discount of over £100!

To our eye, those are the best Tado Black Friday deals for most people – but there’s loads more on offer, including all the smart radiator add-ons you need, right here on Tado’s Amazon page.