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The Canyon electric Roadlite:ON 8 LTD will spice up your commute

It's the wheel thing - can you tell this is an electric bike at all? OK, well, yes you can (of course)


Most electric bikes either look so sleek and expensive they’d be nicked within five minutes of taking them outside, or so lumpy and heavy you wouldn’t want to be seen dead riding one – but it’s hard to tell Canyon’s Roadlite:ON 8 LTD (£3649) is even an electric bike at all.

At 15.6kg it’s pretty slight as ebikes go, with an aluminium frame and a new lightweight Fazua Ride 60 drive system that has three levels of assistance depending on how much of a hurry you’re in. Breeze gives you a gentle but constant push; River matches the power of your own pedalling; and Rocket does exactly what it says on the tin, sticking a proverbial up your proverbial to guarantee you make it up that massive hill in record time.

You can switch between them using the controls on the handlebars, but there’s also a mount for your smartphone that allows you to finetune the settings on the go and create different riding profiles via Fazua’s app, with a built-in USB-C port to make sure it stays charged.

It’s all powered by the 430Wh battery that’s integrated into the downtube, but it’s removable if you’d rather take it out when it’s time to charge – and based on how much fun you’ll have while riding it, that’s probably going to be quite often.