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Big Prime Day savings across Google’s Nest smart home tech range

Fill up your home nest with Google Nest's smart home devices on offer this Amazon Prime Day, with savings up to 47%.

More and more people are looking to fill their homes with the latest smart home tech. And what better time to smarten up your home than when there are big savings to be had? The Google Nest smart home range is seeing some impressive offers this Amazon Prime Day – including cameras, doorbells, and more.

Google Nest Cam – now £120/$120

Our top pick of the Prime Day savings is the Google Nest Cam. The smart home security camera is popular among aficionados, especially those with an Android device. The Prime Day deal sees 33%/£60/$60 slashed off the regular retail price.

In the US, customers can pick one up for $120, a 33% discount compared to the usual $180 starting price. In the UK, you’ll also need to pay £120 – again, a 33% reduction versus the typical RRP of £180.

The security cameras connect up to your Wi-Fi to allow for remote monitoring. They work both indoors and outdoors, so you can keep an eye on your entire property. It records in 1080p HDR videos, and has smart features that can alert you to movement, and more. This model runs from a battery, so there’s no pesky wiring involved. We gave the camera 4 out of 5 stars in our review.

If you’re just looking for an indoor camera, the wired Google Nest Cam has a 39%/£35 saving, down to £55 in the UK. The two-pack is 28%/£90/%90 off at £230 in the UK or $240 in the US if you’re looking to double-up. There’s also a more expensive floodlight option discounted by 33%/£90/$90 down to £180 in the UK or $190 in the US.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – now £160/$90

Given the fact it’s summer (and sweltering over here), nobody’s thinking about the heating. If you’ve got A/C, your thermostat is cranked all the way down. Unfortunately, winter will return, so you’ll need to twist your thermostat back around. If you’re looking to give your thermostat a smart make-over, there’s no better time than Prime Day with deals on the Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

In the US, customers can pick up the newer (and cheaper) Nest Thermostat 4th generation for $90, a 31% discount down from the usual retail price of $130. UK customers aren’t quite so lucky. Amazon doesn’t actually stock the 4th generation thermostat, but the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd generation is 20%/£39 off from the usual £200 price tag. It’s not as big of a saving, but it’s a discount on the premium model.

The 4th generation Nest Thermostat lacks the habit-learning capabilities of the 3rd generation device. It helps bring down the price, but means it’s not quite as smart as the older sibling. Besides this difference, they share different designs, too. Both are fully controllable via your smart home system via Wi-Fi.

Google Nest Doorbell – now £120/$120

Getting up from the sofa to see who’s at the door is so 2010s, many people opt to check from their smartphone instead. One of the most popular video doorbells is the Google Nest Doorbell. And this Prime Day, it’s also received a price slashing.

In the US, customers can pick one up for $120, a 33%/$60 discount compared to the usual $230 starting price. In the UK, you’ll also be able to pay less at £120 – the same 33%/£60 reduction versus the typical RRP of £180.

The doorbell doesn’t just let you see who’s at the door, but records footage too. With HD resolution and Night Vision, you should be set in the dark, too. With two-way audio, and integration with your smart home set-up, you can answer the door from anywhere. And with the battery version, there’s no electrical work to try and DIY. If you would prefer a wired version, in the US the wired Google Nest Doorbell is down by 35% to $148 from $230.

Google Wifi – now £49/$70

Poor Wi-Fi connections are the bane of most of our existences in the tech world. There’s nothing worse than the spinning buffer wheel when you’re trying to get online. Fortunately, smart Wi-Fi extenders have come to save the day. And this Prime Day, you can save big on the Google Wifi and Google Nest Wifi options.

In the US, customers can pick one up for $70, a 30%/$30 discount compared to the usual $100 starting price. In the UK, you’ll be able to pay slightly less at £48 – a better 47%/£42 reduction versus the typical RRP of £90.

Google Wifi or the newer Google Nest Wifi act as Wi-Fi extenders. Google’s handy system plugs straight into your wall (or your router, depending on your set-up) to offer a stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. With the multipacks, the devices link up in a mesh network to extend the range of your Wi-Fi even further. It scored 5 out of 5 stars in our review, so you know it’s a handy bit of kit. The newer Nest Wifi models can double as a smart speaker with the Google Assistant, too. Pretty handy, eh?

If you’re looking for the same reliable connection across a larger property, the 3-pack might be better for you. In the UK, the Google Wifi 3-Pack is down 34%/£65 to £125 from £190. Or if you’re looking for a slightly newer version, the Google Nest Wifi is down 33%/£49 to £100 from £150 in the UK. In the US, you’ll be able to nab the Google Nest Wifi 2-pack at 53%/$157 off at $141 from $300.