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The Hive Mini Thermostat has now been released in the UK

New smart thermostat set for early 2022 release

A Hive Mini Thermostat against a white brick wall
Photo taken in Sydney, Australia

Hive has unveiled an affordable new smart thermostat, the Hive Mini, in a bid to convert more British homes to smart energy.

The Hive Mini Thermostat costs £119, compared to the £179 RRP of a Hive Active system, and comes with a range of intelligent smart home functionality.

Central to the Hive Mini is its geolocation capabilities, which work in tandem with the Hive app on your mobile device to let you know when you’ve left the heating on and are out of the house, via a notification asking you if you want to shut it off – a potential boon for your bank balance.

The Hive app itself makes controlling your heating and hot water a doddle and is way more intuitive than fiddling around with heating programmer boxes.

You use it to achieve many of the same things, like creating heating schedules, but it comes with additional features like letting you set target temperatures and allows easy toggling between heating and hot water modes. Plus, you can’t ever really lose the instruction manual.

It’s also where you can connect other Hive devices to the Hive Mini to bolster your smart home ecosystem, letting you integrate devices such as the Contact Sensor to automatically sense when you’ve shut the front door and trigger an action like and trigger an action, like turning off the heating.

Lastly, there’s Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility, meaning if you have one of the best smart speakers, you can use voice controls to tweak the temperature when you’re at home.

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to join the smart heating revolution, then you can now buy the Thermostat Mini on the Hive website.