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Save £500 on an iRobot Roomba vacuum with this dust-busting Prime Day deal

Suck up some savings

Robot vacuums might make your life easier, but autonomous cleaning doesn’t usually come cheap. Want a discounted dust-buster? Amazon’s got a Prime Day deal to leave your carpets sparkling.

Usually priced at a hefty £1499, you can add iRobot’s Roomba S9+ to your housekeeping arsenal for £999 today. While that’s hardly a pocket-money purchase, it does represent a reduction of 33%. And if you want fluff-free floors without lifting a leg, it could be worth every penny.

The deal is only available until 13 July and you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to claim it. Not a subscriber? Sweep up savings and some sweet account benefits with a 30-day free trial here.

iRobot’s Roomba vacuums are some of the smartest suckers you can unleash on your floors. Rather than roaming randomly, the S9+ works intelligently to map your pad, navigate obstacles and anticipate your cleaning needs. Reactive sensors help it steer around your sofas, while a corner-friendly design helps it get into every nook and cranny.

Once it’s learnt the layout of your crib, the S9+ will plot efficient routes across your pile. It returns itself to the bundled charging station when it needs a breather, before resuming after its nap. And for truly hands-free housekeeping, it even empties itself into bags inside the base.

Besides focusing on the dirtiest bits, the S9+ can also adapt to your lifestyle and the climatic conditions, getting to work when you go out and busting more dust when pollen’s at its peak.

A barrage of brushes sweep up all the bits, with a quiet motor keeping hum to a minimum. Unexpected spillage? Deploy it for an emergency clean-up via Alexa or Google Assistant, no effort necessary. And if that sounds like a tidy deal, don’t miss the chance to save £500 during Amazon’s Prime Day discount bonanza.

Other Prime Day deals on iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners

Working with a tighter budget? Amazon has polished up a raft of Prime Day deals on other Roomba vacuums. That includes £230 wiped off the price of the Roomba J7+, a similarly self-emptying sucker.

Happy to do the bagging yourself? Take a look at the Roomba J7, reduced from £699 to £499 for Prime Day.

Or for an even more affordable robot vacuum, take a look at the iRobot Roomba 692. Simpler than some, it still delivers on the core cleaning skills: dirt detection, schedule suggestions and three-stage suction. All for the discounted price of £169 on Prime Day.