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UK-centric Ultion Nuki smart lock gets biometric security add-on

Sounds like a Star Trek villain - but will keep the real monsters out your house

Ultion Nuki Keypad hot stuff

According to our mate Micky the Fence (not named for his love of showjumping), it takes the average rotter less than ten seconds to smash through the average door lock. And that’s with only basic tools. UK smart security experts Ultion want to even the odds, so have teamed up with European locksmiths Nuki for a Brit-specific smart lock it’s positive can’t be beaten.

The firm really is putting its money where its mouth is, with £2000 guarantee that intruders won’t be able to gain entry by breaking the lock. Each one has a hidden firing pin that triggers when it detects tampering, or if someone’s getting physical with your front door, and has been given coveted Diamond status by security testers Sold Secure.

There’s no questioning its smarts, with support for all the major smart home platforms and app integrations. Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit, plus Ring and IFTTT are on-board, so it’s a one-lock-fits-all approach. It’ll even tie in with AirBnB’s smartphone app, letting holiday home owners grant timed access to their guests without having to fuss about with lockboxes and key safes.

The firm has also just added wireless fingerprint security into the mix. The Bluetooth-connected ‘pad can be stuck anywhere within 10m of your door, and can save up to 20 different prints if you want to give the whole family – and more – keyless access.

Ultion Nuki smart lock at night

Unlock options include by phone or smartwatch, using voice control (with password), optional Bluetooth keyfobs and keypads, and there’s also an auto-unlock mode based on proximity. Handy if you’re fully laden with shopping bags. And yes, it still comes with a physical key.

The lock can be retrofitted to your current doors, or added to new ones before they’re fitted, without any drilling or wiring. Ultion reckons it takes about five minutes to fit, and there’s no calibration required afterwards. All the gubbins is on the inside of your door, too, so there’s no giveaway from the exterior you’ve smartened up your entryway.

The Ultion Nuki smart lock is going on sale next month, direct from ultion-lock.co.uk and Amazon. Expect to pay around £239, or slightly more to swap the replaceable AAs with a rechargeable battery pack. The Wireless Fingerprint Keypad can be added for an extra £145, or picked up as a set with the smart lock itself for £390.

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